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Voluntarily Generated Piloerection

Seeking Participants for VGP Research

If you've found this page, chances are you can voluntarily generate piloerection.  It's a pretty rare ability! My most recent representative surveys through YouGov suggest that between 20-30% of people in the US and UK report having this ability (though the actual number is likely a bit lower). 

I really want to learn more about it and provide answers to those of you who have this extraordinary ability!

I'm seeking participants who can show up in person in Durham, UK (Northeast England) and participate in my research. 

In short, the research will involve about 4 hours of time and includes physiological measurements and fMRI imaging during VGP and "regular" piloerection episodes.  This means that we will cover you with sensors while we try to elicit goosebumps and we will put you in a brain scanner and take functional images of your brain activity. I can compensate you for your time and travel (within UK only). 

If you have this ability and would like to participate in my research, please send me an email at

Feel free to link this page on any VGP social media groups!

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