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Help us understand what causes Goosebumps!

What is this research about?

We are trying to understand what kinds of experiences cause goosebumps, as well as the biology of goosebumps. Surprisingly, we know very little about this phenomenon. 

What will I do?

During the study, you will:

  • provide two saliva samples (you spit into a tube)

  • we will connect equipment to monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and goosebumps

  • watch videos for about 20 minutes to see if you get goosebumps

  • Altogether, the study will take about 2 hours.

Will I be compensated?

You can be entered into a drawing for one of two £50 Amazon gift cards.

Eligibility Requirements

You must:

  • Not smoke/vape, or drink alcohol on a daily basis

  • Not currently be ill with a cold or flu

  • Not have any infectious diseases (including HIV, strep, hepatitis, etc)

  • Not be pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Not be taking any medications that affect hormones (including contraception and SSRIs)

How do I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below, and Dr McPhetres will contact you.

Or, you can email him directly at

When and where?

Time slots occur every weekday in the Psychology building (science site, Upper Mountjoy) at Durham University.

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No longer seeking participants

Questions? Send Dr McPhetres an email!

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