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Are You Building the Next Big Health App?

Let’s make sure it’s powered by science.

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Why Work With Me?

The Custom-Tailored Path to Innovation

Your app deserves more than a one-size-fits-all solution.


  • Bespoke Experimental Design: Move beyond generic datasets. I design experiments that resonate with your app's specific needs and goals.

  • Cost-Effective Research: Maximize your research investments with data that matters.

  • Value-Adding Insights: Transform data into meaningful health insights

  • Scientific Rigor: Build your app on a foundation of solid, peer-reviewed research.

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Elevate Your Application with Expert Validation

From conception to execution, infuse your vision with rigorous scientific validation. I offer comprehensive support for each stage of your app's lifecycle.


  • Consultation on Optimal Metrics: Selecting the right metrics for deep, insightful analysis.

  • In-depth Analysis Expertise: Develop applications that stand up to scientific scrutiny.

  • Tailored Experimental Design: Creating experiments designed to bring out the best in your model.

  • Custom Data Collection: Gathering original, relevant data to empower your algorithms.

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State-of-the-Art Lab Facilities at Durham University

Our lab is equipped with cutting edge equipment and perfect for high-precision data collection and analysis


  • Multidimensional Physiological Data Acquisition: From ECG to saliva and tears, we can capture the full spectrum of physiological responses.

  • Synchronized Stimuli Integration: Marrying physiological data with experiential stimuli, down to the millisecond.

  • Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioural Analysis: Delving into cognitive processes, emotions, and behaviours with a keen scientific eye.


Collaborating with Industry Leaders

My track record includes successful projects with:





Unique Applications of Our Work

Emotional Engagement: Mapping the physiological landscape of emotions.

Active Assessments: Reading the body's signals amidst physical challenges.

Stress Signatures: Unraveling the real-time indicators of stress.

Longitudinal HRV Tracking: Connecting heart rhythms to everyday life narratives.


Salivary Biomarkers: Linking biological cues to psychological states with our mass spectrometry prowess.


Psychophysiology: The Heart of Innovation

I am not just an Assistant Professor of Biological Psychology at Durham University; I am your partner at the intersection of technology and human behavior, holding a PhD in Psychology, dual master's degrees in Experimental and Social Psychology, and postdoctoral training in proteomics and mass spectrometry.

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Flexible Engagement Models

Whether it’s compensation or equity, let’s find a model that suits our collaboration.

Let's transcend the ordinary. Let’s make science the core of your innovation.


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