About Me

I'm currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at The University of Regina (Canada) and MIT where I work with Gordon Pennycook and David Rand.

We are working on the science of fake news and science scepticism.

People often find me because of my research on teaching people about the science behind GMOs or how the experience of awe increases interest in science.

However, I'm interested in many, many things. Lately, my research has focused on physiology, and evolutionary psychology, and we are currently carrying out several studies investigating protein and hormonal processes from an -omics perspective. During graduate school, my research focused on understanding the social relations between science and religion.

If you have questions, want to collaborate, just want to say hello, or if you want a free full-text copy of an article, shoot me an email!

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Neuron image by Zeiss Microscopy, CC by 2.0

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