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Dr. Jonathon McPhetres

I am a Biological Psychologist at Durham University. I want to understand how biological and physiological changes in our bodies are connected to psychological experiences. I like to think of it as psychology from the neck down.

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Research Interests

My research looks at physiological changes, like piloerection, to understand how our body responds to changes in the environment.


I look for biomarkers in blood and saliva that can tell us something about the biological processes underpinning our experiences and our health.  

I measure cardiovascular changes to understand how our body responds to stress.


I ask questions like

Why do we get goosebumps?
How are our biological functions connected to our psychological experience?
What are the physiological processes occurring with different emotions?
What can I learn about the human body and the world?
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Psychology from the neck down

I am really interested in studying humans from a biological perspective.

This means I use tools like mass spectrometry and cardiovascular measurements to understand how physiological changes are connected to psychological experiences. 

Latest Research

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